Email marketing; The methodology


Considering the ongoing trends, Aditya wanted to focus on email marketing, and he was confused about where to begin. Nishant was the marketing head of Two99 ecommerce.
He was well-versed will all the latest trends.
He decided to enlighten Aditya about the same.
Let us also understand what the ongoing trend is all about.

Performance measurement

2022 is not the first year that email campaign performance is measured. It needs to be one of your yearly objectives. You won’t be able to set achievable goals for the remainder of the year if you don’t take the time to crunch your figures. This information will not only help you gauge how you compare to your rivals but also enable you to pinpoint particular areas that need your extra focus.

Contextual emphasis

Over 120 emails are sent and received daily on average. Your email can be overlooked in the sea of others vying for the recipient’s attention. Keep your emails contextual to make them more relevant to your users and encourage them to open them if you want to stand out from the crowd. A person is more likely to reply to an email concerning cat care than a dog or fish care if they purchased cat food from a pet store.

To enable contextualization, it would help categorize your users into several groups depending on their behaviors. You can execute AI-based predictive segmentation with MoEngage and divide your consumers into categories like “Price sensitive,” “Needs Attention,” etc.

No-reply hindrance

A no-reply email address might reduce interaction and give your subscribers the impression that you don’t care about their thoughts and don’t want to subject your valued subscribers to that.

Instead of using a no-reply, use a name that people would remember. Your emails will become more approachable and encourage reader interaction as a result.

Compelling CTA

To make the action you want subscribers to take stand out from the rest of your email’s copy, use a call to action (CTA). The straightforward next step for your email subscribers should be your CTA button. And it ought to be alluring.
Include a call to value rather than a standard CTA. Describe the benefits readers will obtain from clicking the CTA button in the button’s copy:
  • Rather than “learn more,” say “see it in action.”
  • “Start designing” as opposed to “go-to site.”
  • Choosing “browse winter jackets” above “buy now.”
  • Instead of sharing on social media, say, “tell your friends.”
Email recipients frequently scan them without paying close attention. Therefore, when writing content, generate compelling CTA copy.

Keep Mobile a priority.

Emails are opened on mobile devices in 61.9% of cases. To create a successful e-commerce company, you must ensure that your emails are mobile-friendly.

Ultimately, you don’t want your subscribers to pinch or zoom in to read your email content because doing so creates a bad user experience and increases the likelihood that they won’t be compelled to do so at all, which means they won’t even see your message.


One of the most effective methods for moving clients through your sales funnel is prioritizing the message you want to convey to the consumers. You are losing out on a significant opportunity for sales and revenue if you are not aggressively utilizing this channel.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the effectiveness of your emails and adjust your plan as necessary to increase sales.


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