Digital marketing; Challenges faced


As Arun and Nishant decided to venture into the ecommerce business, they wanted to research the challenges faced.
But they weren’t sure where to begin.
That’s when Dheeraj offered to provide insights for the same.
Let’s find out what Dheeraj has to offer.

Audience’s expectations

Targeting your audience is crucial in today’s age. As SEO and paid advertising get more competitive, no business can afford poorly targeted SEO. A buyer persona is best for targeting the right audience, letting you visualize and better understand your target consumers.

Privacy regulations

According to Salesforce, 27% of consumers fall under the category that thoroughly understands how enterprises use their personal information, and 86% want better transparency.

Digital marketers are constantly dealing with changing privacy regulations and the phase-out of third-party cookies. As we continue to attract visitors from all over the world to a website, agencies must ensure that they comply with any laws covering a population in any country they are targeting.

Advantageous social media

Most marketers aren’t able to maintain consistency across multiple social channels. Most believe it’s all about the paid campaigns they run for brand awareness and lead generation. Despite this, both are constantly challenged by the ever-increasing market competition.

Despite significant marketing budgets, marketers cannot convert their engagement into revenue. However, you must not only increase your social following; you must also increase conversions that contribute to the overall business goal.

The omnichannel way

Omnichannel marketing is a strategy in which the same marketing message, branding, and imagery are used to communicate the transmission of a brand across multiple channels. Multichannel marketing is used when different messages must be delivered to numerous audiences via various media. The effectiveness of a given campaign usually determines whether one or the other is used.

According to Salesforce research, 74% of customers have used multiple channels to initiate and complete a transaction.

Adapting the mobile friendly manner

Customers are using smartphones and tablets to browse and shop more than ever. With more than half of the internet traffic coming from mobile devices, agencies must ensure their website is mobile-friendly. According to App Annie, Covid has “forever” changed consumer behaviour on mobile, with consumers spending 25% more time on their mobile apps than before.

Well-versed with trends

The digital market and marketing techniques have changed drastically over the last few years. And it continues to change even today to cater to the modern-day addressable market needs. Hence, marketers need to stay up-to-date with all these changes.
Be it the launch of a new social media platform or a technology that would make a marketing effort more robust, marketers need to remain on top to ensure their business does not lose out on possible conversions.


Marketing continues to evolve, and digital marketers will face numerous challenges. The selection of techniques and technology will ultimately determine the success of all digital efforts. Keeping up with digital marketing trends is similar to any other professional that needs to keep their skills sharp through personal development. It takes effort above and beyond what you do for others.


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