At Two99, we're more than a service - we're your comprehensive cyber security solution. In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, protecting your sensitive information and critical assets is non-negotiable.We understand the significance of security and specialise in cutting-edge techniques to keep your valuable data safe. Partner with us to safeguard against cyber threats and fortify your digital presence.


Over 15 years of experience leading marketing teams, securing A+ accounts, and building revenue pipelines for successful businesses

Achieve peace of mind with our Empowered Web Application Protection. Our solution combines information security practices and advanced tools to fortify your websites and applications. Our expert team conducts manual testing, uncovering elusive vulnerabilities and bugs. Trust us to shield your digital assets confidently

Ensuring the security of your mobile apps, protecting critical information like credit card data, intellectual property, and medical records. Tailored methodologies detect bugs thoroughly. Count on expert guidance to address vulnerabilities without disrupting your systems.

Identify and mitigate risks and flaws in your infrastructure. Our focused approach assesses policies, procedures, systems, and networks individually. Count on our comprehensive research to implement new security technologies, safeguarding against emerging threats.

Our Cloud Security Assessment provides you with solutions tailored to the latest technologies, ensuring long-term security for your systems. Stay one step ahead of cyber threats and trust us to protect your data and applications in the cloud for the long term.

Our Social Engineering Testing & Security Drill assesses your employees’ awareness of these tactics and identifies areas for improvement in your security training programs. Additionally, we conduct security drills to test your incident response plan and the effectiveness of your security controls during a security incident.

Gain insights into concealed vulnerabilities and potential risks. We’ll thoroughly map your attack surface, proactively mitigating breaches and safeguarding against cybercriminals. Rely on our expertise to identify and eliminate security risks, ensuring robust protection for your brand reputation.


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Choose Two99 for Enhanced Cyber Resilience

By choosing Two99 for your Cyber Security Solutions, you are investing in a comprehensive understanding of your organisation’s vulnerabilities and potential risks. Our tailored solutions and proactive risk mitigation strategies empower you to strengthen your cyber defences and protect your critical assets.

Don't wait until a breach occurs. Together, we can build a resilient and secure digital future.