Digital selling and social selling: The contrast


Deepshikha and Ankush argued about digital selling and social selling and how the terms are relatable. That’s when Deepti cut in and announced that though these terms may seem similar, they are disparate.

The rest of the blog follows Deepti enumerating the concepts at length. Let us also join in and understand it.

The elementals

The strategy of having marketing and sales collaborate to share and distribute assets programmatically is known as digital selling. As a result, Digital Selling is a broad overview of how a company can leverage assets, data, salespeople, and anyone who interacts with customers to market their brand through digital channels.

Digital selling includes a component called social selling. “Meeting the buyer where the customer is already conducting due diligence – which is online” is how social selling is defined. Buyers utilise Social Selling to arm themselves with information and make informed purchasing decisions by working within their peer-to-peer networks and consuming content.

The Components

Data science ideas like natural language processing and machine learning are being used by digital selling pioneers and inventors to fuel new digital selling solutions to:
The job of the Social Seller is to connect with modern buyers online and lead them through the innovative buying process. There are three main components to social selling:

The driving force

While social selling is an essential aspect of digital selling, especially in today’s market, it won’t bring you the results you want on its own.
Digital selling is constantly changing. Essentially, it’s the process of interacting with businesses and social networks online and leveraging all of the digital sales tools at your disposal to improvise sales.
Digital selling is an essential element of any sales process and entails developing an organisational framework around your content and a comprehensive ecosystem to track your audience’s content consumption.


Digital selling encompasses all aspects of marketing via digital means, while social selling is employed in a social network framework to generate business. These marketing techniques complement each other, and combining them can help you attain your goals faster. A combination of digital and social selling is used in the marketing process. Customers are content to rely on digital interactions and social relationship methods since they are convenient.


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